Over the past few years, there has been a desire within me to see people revealing an attitude and character within the workplace/marketplace which is energised to make a positive impact. This would be seen and felt by everyone who would come into contact with these individuals.
Throughout the last 20 years, I have worked in a variety of jobs within 3 countries and have experienced a very negative attitude coming from the actions and words of others I have worked with towards their jobs. Many people do not feel they are able to offer their full potential because they are either restricted by higher authority or are simply in the wrong job for them.
GateKeepers wants to see the right person positioned in the right job, making it better for them and the company. We want these people to manifest characteristics such as integrity and excellence and who are motivated to make a difference in the company and be a positive influence on those around them.
GateKeepers is a place where individuals can be trained and taught in the practical ways in which we should be living according to the standard of excellence in the workplace.
These principles to be taught by GateKeepers are being put into training modules and with practical examples of everyday situations and with the aid of a daily meditation booklet, GateKeepers aims to set the standard of the characteristics and attitudes to be lived out throughout the world within the marketplace.
Following the completion of all of the GateKeepers training modules, GateKeepers will offer a program which individuals and teams will be coached through a series of teachings and will go into greater depths of the principles discussed within the GateKeepers training modules. People who go through our teaching materials can expect to receive key principles of how to be winners in everyday situations within the individual’s job or business.
GateKeepers goal is to positively influence individuals in the area of their character and attitude so that they will be a great help to the company or business they are working for and the people they are working with.